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Cattleya hybrid

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Medium / direct lightPet friendly

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Useful Information

Plant Bio

These plants are no longer in bloom.

Cattleya are part of the Orchidaceae family and their native range is Costa Rica to Tropical America. They have been hybridised for many years and often have lilac-pink flowers. Cattleya are epiphytic, sympodial orchids with club-shaped pseudobulbs and fleshy, velamen-covered roots. Blooms are large and showy with a prominent frilly lip.

Genus was named by English botanist, William Cattley after himself.

Pot: ø 15cm.

Height: Approximately 35cm from base of pot. 

Light: Bright indirect light, meaning the plant sees the sun for 0-4 hours per day - this could be through trees or a translucent curtain, it’s important for the plant to see the sky in order to thrive. East or west facing windowsill. Cattleya can easily scorch if the light is too strong. Dark green leaves with a little hint of red suggest the plant is receiving adequate light, versus pale green leaves which suggest the plant ought to be moved to a brighter spot. If growing in a greenhouse, 50 to 70 percent full sun (3000-5000 foot-candles).

Water: Cattleya require regular watering during the growing season (if receiving adequate light). Allow to potting mix dry out more in winter. Avoid wetting the leaves, the pseudobulb, roots and bark are fine to get wet. 

Potting mix: Orchid Focus repotting mix or a chunky mix made up of pine bark, sphagnum moss and some horticultural charcoal. Cattleya orchids typically require repotting every 2 years after flowering.

Fertilising: Use a ‘Grow’ fertiliser for almost every watering during the growing season; it’s a good idea to pour tepid water on the substrate first to dampen the mix, then pour your diluted fertiliser. 

Temperature: Day time temperatures of 18-24˚C in spring and summer. Night time temperatures of 12-15˚C. During winter they can tolerate night time temperatures as low as 12˚C. 

Humidity: 50-80%. You can increase humidity by placing the plant on a watered pebble tray or using a humidifier. Ensure you have good air circulation if the humidity is higher. 

Blooming information: Flowers typically last 3-4 weeks, buds occasionally produce a sticky substance that in the wild would attract ants (the ants act as a protector to the plant), in the home you can wipe this off with a cloth dipped in lukewarm water. When blooms are spent, remove the dead flowers, stems and sheaths. 

Cattleya are non-toxic.

Delivery & Returns


Please be aware that your plant may vary from the picture as this is a living item. Variations of shape and colour are perfectly natural and to be expected.  We will send you a plant as close to the picture and description as possible. The picture shown is an example of what's in stock unless stated otherwise.

Our plants are sent with a detailed care guide to help you look after them. You must provide the adequate conditions to keep them alive.

​Shipping & Delivery

We can only ship within the UK. Orders from abroad cannot be fulfilled and will be cancelled & refunded.

We pack and ship all orders on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to prevent plants waiting in transit over the weekend.

We do send all our plants via next day delivery, however couriers can sometimes take longer. 


We guarantee our plants 14 day from receipt.  We guarantee to send happy and healthy plants, however, it is your responsibility to care for them and we cannot be held responsible for neglect or mis care. Please send us a picture within 24 hours of receiving your plant and we'll help you out with your issue.

If returning your order, please keep all original packaging and use this to send the plant back to us. This will ensure the plant is kept as safe as possible on its return.

To allow the plant to acclimatise in its new home, there should be no repotting of the plant for a minimum of 14 days after receipt. If any plant has been repotted or a cutting has been taken then we are not able to accept returns.

We are happy to replace your plant if it is very badly damaged in transport. The loss of a leaf in transport on a healthy plant should not generally be cause for any concern. We cannot give a refund for snapped leaves.

Caring for your new leafy green friends

Dry Out

Dry Out

Please don’t put me on or close to a radiator, the heat will dry me out.



Take me out of any ceramic pots when watering to stop my roots rotting.



I need light to survive. Please give me light!

Cold Spots

Cold Spots

I don’t like draughts! Keep me away from any cold spots in the house.

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